CURD Message Forum Rules, Registration and Misc Info

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CURD Message Forum Rules, Registration and Misc Info

Unread postby Gummiente » Sun May 10, 2009 9:10 pm

We're a pretty easygoing bunch here in the CURD world, we rarely get worked up about anything other than the ever increasing price of vodka, but are known to possess viewpoints, beliefs and a sense of humour that are JUST a bit offside from the norm. We welcome all; the eccentric, the loner, the poet, the soldier, the intellectual and the questionably sane... all we ask is that you show some common sense and courtesy in all your postings. Keep it clean - okay, a little risqué is kinda fun sometimes, but PLEASE - no gratuitous nudity, controversial topics, profuse swearing, racist comments and other forms of anti-social behaviour that you wouldn't display in front of your own mother. If you feel the need to pop open a can of whup-ass on someone, vent at the latest government screw-up and/or you're about to suffer another bout of Tourette's Syndrome, please do so offline or down in the "Rants & Raves" section (accessible and viewable only by registered forum members, not lurkers ... hint, hint).

Getting started - If you're a registered CURD member, a long time lurker who has finally decided to take the Ivanic Plunge, or simply just curious about the three-wheeled Russkie style world of motorcycling and want to participate in the discussions, you will need to register as a forum member first before you can access all the features and begin posting messages. Simply click on "Register" at the top of the main index page and follow the steps as detailed. Your application will then be approved upon review by one of our moderators.

Creating a Profile - Once you've signed in, it's a good idea to create a profile so that the membership will know who you are. All information is voluntary, but the more you supply the better we can get to know you. It is suggested that you at least state your location so that other members in your area can take comfort in the fact that they are not alone in the Ural world. To create and maintain your profile (once you have been registered, approved and logged in), on every page you will see an icon near the top center of every page labelled "User Control Panel". Click on that and you will be taken to the page where you can enter all the info you want. You can upload an avatar or link to one off-site, but please keep it to a size comparable to the rest of the avatars seen on this forum. You can also create a signature that will be automatically included with each post and/or private message that you make.

Posting a Message - After creating a profile, you're ready to dive in and contribute to the discussions. We would appreciate it if your first post is an introduction so that we can properly welcome you to the forum. Click on the "Vodka & Vareniki" forum from the index page, then click on the "Zdravstvuite!" (Welcome!) forum. You can view other member's introductions first to get an idea of what to say, or you can just go ahead and click on the "New Topic" button and start typing. You'll notice that a new window will open with a text box that includes many options (like bold, italic and underlined text) to personalise your post. Once you're finished typing, you can select "Preview" to see what the message will actually look like to others (and then edit it if you don't like it) or you select "Submit" and it is immediately posted on the forum. Note that you have the option to edit your message even after it has been posted, all you have to do is click on your post to open it and then select "Edit" (near the top right of the text box). This is a very useful option for those who PUI (Post Under Influence of alcohol) and/or regret what they did once they've sobered up.

Sending a Private Message - If you want to contact a member without having everyone else read what you want to say, you can send a message to an individual privately. If you look underneath the avatar of any member, you'll see a small icon labelled "PM". Click on that and a text box will open, but unlike the regular posting text box this one will only be sent to the person you've selected. Very useful for stalkers, this one. Note that you can also send an email to any member's registered email address (which you and everyone else cannot see); they will receive it in their email inbox just like a regular email and can respond to you via the forum or by straight email.

New Message Notification - Those familiar with the Yahoo style of forums will probably miss the option to have all forum messages delivered to them in email format. That option is not available with this style of forum, but you do have the ability to set your account to email you every time a new reply is posted to one of your messages.

Adding Photos and Attachments to Messages - You have the ability to upload your photos and avatar directly from your computer or you can link to an image that is stored at another site (ie: your own Photobucket account). To upload from your computer, just scroll down to the "Upload attachments" area when you're creating your post. Then click on the "browse" button to locate and upload your photo or file. Then click "Add the file" and, if you're done with any typing, click on "submit" - it's that easy! Just make sure that your photos are no larger than 800 X 800 pixels, or the system will not upload them. If you want to upload a pic from your Photobucket or similar website account, slelect the URL code with [IMG] at both ends, then copy and paste it into the text box of your post. To add a YouTube video, click on the YouTube button in the text box, copy the video URL and then paste it in between the YouTube code, ie: [YouTubeNew]https://youtube.fnssycv71264xl[/YouTubeNew]. Make sure you delete the "s" from "https" before hitting the submit button, or the video will not post.

Hopefully these instructions will give you a basic idea of how to muck around in our forum. If you experience any difficulties, please send a PM or an email to the Head Cheese (aka Gummiente) or any of the Moderators.

Happy posting!
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