Canadian Ural/Dnepr Riders Group

Nastrovya, Tovarisch!

Welcome to the home page for Canadian (and global) enthusiasts of Russian and Ukrainian made motorcycles. We are an eclectic, fun loving group of people loosely connected by fear and the common bond of motorcycling; our mission is total world domination and the global price reduction of Vodka. Okay, maybe not the domination thing, but a break on Vodka pricing would be nice. Anyway, we love to ride our Russkie bikes and this site is our online home where we can share all our experiences, trials, tribulations and happy thoughts about them. Click on the links below to enter our world and please leave any bad attitudes at the door, we'll keep an eye on them until you return...

NOTE: There has been a change to Please click on the FORUM link to go directly to forum.


Forum - Our message forum, loaded with camaraderie, classifieds, tech tips and more!

The Ivanic Plunge - CURDites explain why we ride Urals and Dneprs.

Membership - What does it take to become a member? Find out here.

Member Listing - Where we live and what we ride.

Going for a Ride - A solo Ural trip across the US and Canada, 2011

CURD Tundra Run 2009 - Baie Comeau, QC to Happy Valley/Goose Bay, NL, 6th-13th June, 2009 

CURD Polar Bear Ride 2012 - This year's group of legendary cold weather riders.

CURD Taiga Run 2010 - Adventure Ride from Val d'Or to Radisson, QC, 27 Jun - 3 Jul

CURDurham 2010 Durham, Ontario, 16-18 Jul

'Caygeon CURD 2011 Bobcaygeon, Ontario, 29-31 Jul

Events - Official CURD gatherings and resultant incriminating evidence.

Links - Official CURD Approved websites in the outside world.

Tech Tips - Helpful hints to get the most out of your bike.

FAQ & Terms - Common questions and terms an Ural/Dnepr owner needs to know.